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How to Troubleshoot a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are an important part of daily operations for certain businesses. It is a costly equipment and requires proper care and troubleshooting. Some of the common problems and fixes for troubleshooting commercial refrigerators are discussed below:

Refrigerator is Not Turning On

In case of refrigerator not turning on, check if the power outlet is working followed by verifying if the power switch is in “ON” position. Ensure that the power cord does not have any splitting or damage. Also,check the power supply to the power outlet.

Refrigerator is Not Cooling Sufficiently

If the refrigerator is not cooling sufficiently, then check whether the temperature gauge is working correctly. If not, then consult with the manufacturer to fix it. If the refrigerator has been newly installed and tilted during delivery then let it sit for 24 hours before turning it on again. The door should not be opened too frequently to ensure proper cooling. The door should also close properly for adequate cooling. The gaskets and hinges should be checked to ensure they are sealing properly. The refrigerator should not be kept in direct sunlight, the layout should be organized to prevent direct sunlight on it. Check for overstuffing of the refrigerator. Cold air will not flow around if the refrigerator is excessively stuffed. There should be adequate gap between the refrigerator and walls to ensure air circulation which causes cooling. Finally, make sure that the compressor is working properly and do not keep anything on top of the refrigerator that may block air flow from the compressor.

Ice Build Up and Refrigerator is Too Cold

When there is ice buildup regularly it may mean that the auto-defrost is not working properly. If the refrigerator does not have auto-defrost, then manual defrosting should be done regularly to clear ice buildup. Generally, manual defrosting should be done when the ice buildup reaches quarter of an inch. Improper closing can cause temperature fluctuations and the unit will work overtime to compensate for it. This can cause excessive cooling but will result in wastage of energy and reduction in refrigerator’s lifespan. The hinges and gaskets should be checked for correct alignment and sealing.

Leaking Refrigerator

This may happen due to excess moisture which affects the working of refrigerator. Excessive humid conditions can increase the moisture around the doors and cause the dripping in the evaporator pan. Leaking can also happen if the evaporator pan is full or the absorbent wicking in the pan may be moldy or worn which may require the pan to be replaced. If the refrigerator is kept on uneven flooring, the tilt can cause water in the evaporator pan to overflow.

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