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Why Restaurants Need Water Filtration Systems on ice machines

Ice machines are installed in many restaurants where they are used in different ways. Sadly many restaurant managers complain about the low performance of their ice machines. The common problems that can affect the functions of your ice machines are avoidable with regular maintenance. Many times, the issue is traced to a compromised water filtration system. 

The water filtration system installed in ice machines has very important functions, so it must be working perfectly. We recommend that water filtration systems in ice machines be changed every six months or sooner depending on the usage. Regular maintenance is the key to getting the desired value from your ice machine.

In this post, we will be sharing some of our knowledge that has made us a trusted and reliable commercial ice machine repairer and installer in Atlanta. Our focus will be on the benefits of water filtration systems on ice machines.

Everyone who walks into your restaurant expects to enjoy the advertised services; it will be a shame to explain why your ice machine is not working at any moment. In Atlanta, we are always available to help you avoid these embarrassing situations. Our company is a reputable commercial ice maker repairer in Atlanta.

Let’s discuss the top reasons you need a good water filtration system in your ice machine;

Avoid water contamination

Faulty water filtration systems can lead to contamination of the water used to make ice cubes in your machine. Contaminated ice can ruin the taste of drinks and beverages sold in your restaurant; we all know how upset the customers can get when this happens. However, with our help, your water filtration systems will function perfectly, prevent water contamination and make perfect ice cubes to serve your customers.

Longer lasting ice makers

Ice machines are quite expensive, but they are a necessary investment in every restaurant. You can get more value from your ice machine by ensuring it works perfectly for many years. This is possible when the water filtration system is working excellently. If you detect any faults or changes in performance, call us for an inspection and a quick fix. 

Make more ice

During hot weather in summer, there will be a higher demand for ice at your restaurant. Your staff won’t have any problems meeting these demands if the water filtration is working perfectly. There will be an adequate supply of water in the system to make all the ice you need.

Lower energy consumption

There will be less strain on the system and lower energy consumption if your ice machine has a good water filtration system. Subsequently, your energy bills will be lower. 

If your restaurant is located in Atlanta, we have got you covered. Our commercial refrigerator repair services in Atlanta include the installation and repairs of all brands of ice machines and refrigerators. No worries if you haven’t bothered about installing or changing the water filtration system in your machine before. Our expert staff will quickly respond to your call and set things right; you will notice a remarkable difference in the performance of your ice machine after our jobs is completed.

Take advantage of our affordable services; we offer free quotes to give you an idea of the cost to repair or install water filtration systems in your ice machines. We also offer routine maintenance services to ensure you will never have to give another customer an excuse for a malfunctioning ice machine or refrigerator.

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